Service Related:-

Q1:-How to know whether my area is covered under your cooking services?
Answer:-Just you need to contact us via phone we will confirm the area.

Q2:-How to get cook for my house?
Answer:- Just you need to contact us and explain your requirement or you can directly ask us to visit your house. Then we will engage our cook to you.

Q3:-How to make sure cook is good in cooking and he will be perfect for your choice?
Answer:- We do believe in quality of cooking, so to keep this in mind we are providing you the good, experienced cook, who are excel in their cooking style. Even though if you are not satisfied then you can provide your feedback to us and then we will engage another cook which suite your requirements.

Q4:-How to know the cooking charges for your requirement?
Answer:- Before engagement of our cook to your house we will have complete discussion on your needs and based on certain terms and condition we will fix the amount for cooking services which is reasonable to market and suite to your budget.

Q5:- Does cooking in house have any limitation for dishes or person wise.
Answer:- As before deploying cook to your house, we will have complete knowledge of your requirements. So there will minute reasonable limitation on our cook when they are cooking in your house.

Q6:-What could be the limitation on cook while cooking in house?
Answer:- We frankly do not believe in major limitation ,but to make sure cook should not get exploit as per our initial agreement, we need to have some guidelines to our customers and cook. So feel free to discuss with us your all needs. For example- suppose if any day there could be more members to your home than regular then based on cook time availability we will try to manage. But if it is more than one day case then we might charge as per company norms etc. For more details of rules please visit terms and condition section on website or can contact us via phone.

Q7:- Why you should choose Angika Hospitality cooks for your in house cooking?
Answer:-Our cooks are good and expertise in their cooking style and we are pretty sure that they will be best for your cook need. They also know how to maintain the quality of food and hygiene while cooking .Also the cook services charge is quite reasonable which will suite your budget. When you will choose our cook then we will have other household services for you on reasonable cost. For more details contact us or explore the services page on website.

Q8:- What are the other household services provided by Angika Hospitality and how to avail them?
Answer:- In addition to cooking services that include in house cooking by our cooks, we have other services like Grocery store, Mineral water supply, Laundry, Stationary store etc on reasonable cost. For more details visit our services section. For all these additional services just you need to contact us.

Q9:-What are the ways to payment the services charges?
Answer:- Currently we are accepting cash ,but in future we will have online payment and by check payment etc. facility also. Mode of payment will be finalized while start of the service.