About Us

We are team of enthusiastic IT personnel working at various MNC  having knowledge in different areas of society . We have experience in providing wide range of services. The Angika Hospitality provide wide range of household services that starts from in-house cooking services to various household requirements for any of them either college going students or working professional or family.

After  long  research in February 2015 , we decided to work together and launch Angika Hospitality to provide various household services as one point solution. Because of the actual situation of the country we live in, we can offer incomparable services together with a high quality, we have the experience to provide household services in reasonable cost within proper time.

So, your wait is over!!!

We are bringing all this at your home, through our cooking and additional household services. Our aim is to make your life as convenient as possible with our services. You focus on your job and the rest is our part i.e. to keep you healthy, energetic and efficient.